"I consider myself a design technologist with skills in UX, Animation & Prototyping"

I’m a Eindhoven based Interaction Designer. Graduated in 2014 at the Faculty Industrial Design on the Eindhoven University of Technology and currently working as an Interaction Design Consultant for Alten Technology and managing a creative one-man company, Studio Attalan.


Over the past years, I gained many interest, visions and skills within my academic and professional network. This shaped me to what I like to call, the “Design Technologist”, in where I combine my skills in User Experience, Animation and Prototyping.


As an Design Technologist my main expertise lays in the model, Proof of Concept. It discussed how User Experience could enrich products, through creating prototypes that highlights the increased value of the product.


For me, Proof of Concept, coexist out of three pillars. The first one, Story, discussed how the new user experience can enrich the value of the product, my skill in animation helps me to visualize the story of product. The second pillar, User Flow, details on the user focus of a product, how should the user interact with the product to create the best User experience. Finally Prototyping enables me to express and test the user experience quality with owners and users. Herein my skills in physical and digital coding plus crafting skills help me to create simple prototypes.


Words are not enough to depict my person, please feel free to learn more about my physical and digital projects by moving though my portfolio.




SEP 2008- JUL 2014


I have done several project during my Bachelor and Master Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. On of them was Spectroflexia, It was featured during TEI 2013.


SpectroFlexia is a form of interactive stained glass that is designed to present information in the periphery of people’s attention. SpectroFlexia is developed in an iterative design process which revealed a low-cost method of smoothly changing the color of light shining through translucent materials. Using this method, SpectroFlexia can display several types of digital information through the speed at which its colors change. In addition to providing peripheral information, SpectroFlexia is designed to serve a decorative function.

Another project is Touching Taste. Touching Taste is a spicer, developed in a group of four students in the course “Intercultural Markers in the Design Process”. The focus of this module was to analyze two distinct cultures on their intercultural marker, in order to develop a kitchen utensil.  This goal is well reflected in the design process as well in the final concept.

My Graduation project was titled Haptic Beats. Haptic Beats, is a music interface enabling user to shuffle and change volume through expressive gestures. The shuffle function consists out of two options based on the emotion of pleasure and displeasure. If the current song is being liked, a next song within the same category can be shuffled by making a Shuffle-like gesture, a slow movement with the slider to the top. Else when disliking, a different category than current can be shuffled by making a Shuffle-Dislike gesture, a rough high force movement to the top. Volume can be changed by making a fluent vertical rotation to the front or to the back.

This project highlights my strengths as an interaction designer. Firstly, it shows the value of a hands-on approach, as I tried to develop different interaction prototypes. Secondly, I am able to implement design theory knowledge within tangible objects.



SEP 2014- Now


After being graduated I started at Alten Technology. I was hired as an User Experience Designer. I've done several projects for Alten, which are also featured within this portfolio. They involve companies such as Philips, Zapcam & Moba. Next to doing consultatancy projects for Alten. I'm helping Alten to innovate. By bringing Business Managers and User Experience Designers together, I try to discuss the new possible paths of innovation within design.



SEP 2014- SEP 2016


Within a multidisciplinary team of designers, testers and developers at Philips Design, I have worked on the development of Philips applications.


My activities consisted out of research towards responsive design and the development of several UI prototypes. Both for desktop and mobile. The prototypes were often build in Flash CC, HTML5 and javascript. Another activity was built around spec’ing and documenting several UI screens and components. Developers would use these specs to develop the given screen or component.











Zapcam is a company that creates hardware and software to view/edit camera footage of stil and body cameras. As Alten we were asked to develop more functions within the software platform of ZapCam.


A big client of Zapcam is the police force in the Netherlands. They use the software of Zapcam to analyze and research footages to see if they can link it with a certain criminal activity. Taking this into mind, Zapcam asked Alten to come-up with functions that will help the police to easily research potential criminal activities.


By performing different benchmark research of existing video editing/viewing software different possible new functions were research and discussed. Hereafter the most valuable options were chosen and worked out in terms of visualization and interaction. One of these functions is the ability to add tags to videos at a certain time-frame. This can be useful in a later state of the research as these tags can be filters, as potential equal videos can be mapped to find similarity. More functions, such as better filtering based on GPS location and mapping the movement of a bodycam were also visualized for Zapcam. All the results were worked out within a documentation and handed over to the developers of Zapcam to conclude the goal of the assignment.









SEP 2016 - NOV 2017


Within Moba I worked on the development of a state of the art interface for Egg-sorting machines.


My activities where mostly focused on the development of different interactive prototypes within the Axure & Adobe XD platform. By testing each prototype with different users, we improved the human-computer interaction cycle. Next to that I created a renewed component style-guide, by researching there brand-colors, fonts to create the best UI that functions within Moba’s web-app.



FEB 2017 - NOW